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Detailed Project Description

Writer for Windows Mobile is application for WM6 and newer. Application provide simply and fast way how to blog from your mobile phone.
We were addressed by Microsoft czech office to develop WLW for Windows Mobile. Now we are working on other languages, testing and expanding to other blog systems and full support to sending posts to spaces.

Planed features in beta v3

We are sorry about inactivity, now we are developing completly new version and we hope that 3rd beta will be finished at the end of March.
  • Beta 3 is with new modular architecture
  • MetaWeblog increased support (image and other multimedia content upload, editing posts etc.)
  • Simplier settings (removed unnecessary options)
  • More language localizations
  • List of blogs
  • Basic facebook support
  • Automatic updates checking
  • Maybe twiter support


We will be pleased if you'll send your experience with different Blogs and with our beta version. We generally tested beta version with

Application features:

  • Multilanguage support (czech, english and germany)
  • Easy using
  • Small data sending
  • MetaWeblogApi - support of many blog systems
  • and next...


Screen01.png Screen02.png Screen04.png Screen05.png Screen08.png Screen09.png
  1. Loading Screen
  2. Main Screen
  3. Downloading categories
  4. Writing article
  5. Publishing article
  6. Results of publishing


  • NEW: Germany Language
  • NEW: Downloading categories from blog and simply selecting in writer
  • BUG FIX: Czech question
  • NEW: Design of application
  • NEW: You needn't save blog password to application
  • NEW: Password encryption
  • NEW: New version checker
  • NEW: Multilanguage suport

CMS MetaWeblog link

If you tested on other CMS please send us feedback. Thanks

Next info

If you have some good idea write it to discussion. Every idea is welcome!

Small sorry for english grama mistakes and some czech information!


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